Hormone Imbalance

Gut Health

NSAIDS, Leaky Gut, and Inflammation

Doctors often doctor recommended ibuprofen for simple pain. And this is not always ideal. . NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are not good for you to take long term. Some people know this. You may know this. But a lot of people don’t, or they don’t know why. There are...

Functional Foods

3 Herbs For Natural PCOS Treatment

PCOS can be managed naturally naturally. Here are 3 must have ayruvedic herbs to add to any natural pcos treatment plan The basis for PCOS (at a very simplified level) is that there is too much insulin in the body, and this causes excess testosterone levels in the ovaries. Causing...

Sugar Cravings

Fix Craving For Sweets Naturally

Craving for sweets is a natural thing. We need glucose (blood sugar) to fuel our brain and muscles quickly. Unfortunately it’s so hard to stick to a low glycemic and PCOS friendly eating plan we when are craving sugar.  Thankfully – there are an increasing number of healthy and “natural” alternative...

Hormone Imbalance

Reduce Sugar Cravings

As the founder of Nourish Labs, I grew up up making all kind of yummy cookies and cakes, and the smell of cinnamon to me = heaven. Fast forward 20 years. I am insulin resistant and avoid refined sugar and gluten. What’s a woman who loves her cookies and chai...

Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Imbalance in Women

Sometimes when we focus on the big stuff…food, sleep, exercise (all important!) we forget about key “small stuff”. These small things can cause hormone imbalance in women. One of them is aluminum containing deodorant. Anti-perspirant is something that most of us use everyday. The problem is that aluminum is the...