Hormone Imbalance in Women

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Sometimes when we focus on the big stuff…food, sleep, exercise (all important!) we forget about key “small stuff”. These small things can cause hormone imbalance in women.

One of them is aluminum containing deodorant.

Anti-perspirant is something that most of us use everyday. The problem is that aluminum is the key ingredient in nearly every commercial product. And it causes symptoms of hormone imbalance in women. 

Aluminum is a xenoestrogen, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that has been linked to depression, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.¬†Studies actually show that aluminum absorbs better through your skin than orally.

The¬†very way it works¬†is by getting absorbed through your underarm skin to plug your sweat ducts. Near your breast tissue. Heavy metal. Every day.¬†Starting to feel like big stuff…no?

It’s very important to avoid xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are¬†endocrine disrupters that¬†mimic estrogen in the body, wreaking havoc with everything from PCOS to menopause.¬†They are direct contributors to issues such as fertility issues, endometriosis and breast cancer. They cause hormone imbalance in women.¬†

In addition, anti-perspirants work by blocking your natural detoxification system, whereas aluminum-free deodorants only mask the odor caused by bacteria under your arms. Not by blocking sweating. 

Here’s the thing.
Not being smelly is important. But do we really need armpits that smell like Pomegranate Lemon Verbana (whatever that is)? Probably not.

hormone imbalance in women

Before you explore some alternatives for yourself Рtake note that not all natural deodorants are created equal. 

Many of these so called “natural” crystal deodorants don’t contain aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium compounds, but they actually still cause hormone imbalance and they contain aluminum¬†that they cleverly disguise¬†in the form of potassium alum (potassium aluminum sulfate!), so read your labels carefully.

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