Who is Nourish Nutrition?

Nourish Nutrition is the parent company behind Nourish Labs™. Founded by a female functional nutritionist fed up with the products in the industry, our focus and passion is creating and delivering products backed by real science and proven results, specifically designed to serve busy woman on the go. The supplement industry has long been run by companies without ethics, with no real understanding of the science behind what they sell. We are doing our part to change that.

Quality, trust, integrity and innovation. That is our promise to you.

It all started when...

I turned to natural and holistic means to treat my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Unimpressed by the lack of information on women's overall health, hormone health and a push towards unnecessary prescriptions by doctors that didn't even understand the condition, I knew there was a better option.

Floored with how changes to diet, probiotics, herbs and other supplements not only gave me a regular cycle, but worked to treat my fatigue, depression, acne and bloating, I turned my engineering brain to finding out why and became obsessed with providing quality education and products to others.

As a featured speaker and author for nutritional supplement industry events, I have unique access, and a direct link to the latest trends and scientific findings, providing Nourish Labs™ customers the best in the industry.

As a former marketing and consumer goods executive, I know first hand what a big role marketing and advertising plays in selling nutritional products. Most of it is hype. And as someone with a Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I am also frustrated with the lack of accurate health information posted online by self-taught "experts"

I am doing my part to change both. I am proud to be the founder and CEO of Nourish Nutrition Inc., a 100% female and minority owned company specializing in helping busy women Reclaim Body and Mind.
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