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Bridging the Gap Between Modern Science and Ancient Body Wisdom

At Nourish Nutrition, Inc. our #1 priority is integrity and transparency. Our focus and passion is digestive products that have proven results and are practical for real life.

All of the products made for Nourish Labs are non-GMO, vegan, soy free, gluten free, clinically tested, 3rd party tested and produced in GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facilities. All of our formulas are made with patented industry leading ingredients, and all of our marketing is based on claims proven out in human clinical trials (the only ones that count).

Our mission is to be a company our customers trust, backed by real science, without bogus claims, unnecessary ingredients or hyped up marketing.


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Frank R.

Exceeds Expectations

“I've been using another, more expensive, brand for a couple years. While I was pleased with the product, I decided to set out on a search for a comparable, less expensive one. This product has exceeded my expectations. In combination with other supplements/changes, I actually started seeing the scale numbers decrease when I started taking this brand of pre/probiotic. According to my Fitbit, my sleep has improved, too. Ordering another bottle before I run out.”

Signa H.

The Best I Have Felt in Decades

These capsules have stabilized my digestion for the first time in decades. I can eat foods that I didn't dare eat in small quantities now without digestive issues. This is my second order. I wanted to try them for a month to make sure they really helped. They absolutely help.

Maggie S.

Great Product!!!

“I've only been using this product for about a month, but have already noticed a difference in how I feel!! The capsules are pretty big, but if you just swallow one at a time it's no big deal. I love that's it's shelf stable, I can leave it right on my nightstand so I remember to take it. I have noticed I'm always thirsty since starting this product, but I guess that's a good thing because I drink more water like I should be doing anyway. Overall my mood is better and I definitely have noticed an increase in my energy level. I was very pleased in the response time when I emailed a question to the manufacturer, they very thoroughly answered me in less than 2 days. I absolutely recommend this product!!!!!!!!!!!!”


This is an Amazing Product!

"This goes to work immediately. I have also noticed improved focus with better clarity of thought and more energy through the day. This is just day 2 of taking this amazing probiotic/prebiotic.

Nourish Labs, I pray that you continue producing this awesome product at the current affordable price. If I could give 10 stars for this product I would on this I would. I am so glad I found this, so sad I didn't know of this before. I works, it really does!

Chanin M.

I am really impressed with this product. I have more natural energy and a slimmer waste!

A prebiotic probiotic that actually works! I am really impressed with this product and like that it does not need refrigeration & with two capsules a day, it really works with my busy lifestyle.
Like most women I have hormonal issues, feel stress, and seek that natural overall energy I feel I'm losing with age.

Carsten S.

Feeling lighter and like I am gleaning more energy and nutrition from all that I eat. This product is a real find!!!

The product claims to not only help digestive issues but also improve mood and energy. I was skeptical however the day after I started taking the prescribed amount I felt a noticeable lift in my mood and energy. Feeling lighter and like I'm gleaning more energy and nutrition from all I eat. This product is a real find!!!