NSAIDS, Leaky Gut, and Inflammation

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Doctors often doctor recommended ibuprofen for simple pain. And this is not always ideal. . NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are not good for you to take long term.
Some people know this. You may know this. But a lot of people don’t, or they don’t know why. There are many reasons – including the load on your liver – but today I want to talk about something else.

Women take NSAIDs in droves every month during their cycles – and there are far better ways inflammation cures and ways to reduce cramps or pain. It’s nuts. NSAIDs treat the symptoms but not the root cause. NSAIDs areĀ products such as Motrin, Aleve,Ā aspirin, Advil, etc.

NSAIDs do a number of your gut lining. Soon that pain in your neck is a pain in the butt!
Many of you may of heard of leaky gut.
Essentially it boils down to inflammation and tears in your intestinal lining. Food particles and other bacteria leak into your blood stream, causing a slew of issues including chronic inflammation as well as GI problems such as diarrhea, bloating, and pain.

The irony is that leaky gut can cause or exacerbate chronic body inflammation, autoimmune issues, depression, and anxiety.

Things that people with arthritis, PCOS, and PMS already have. Once you have leaky gut, you actually have to work to heal it.

Here are 3 natural anti-inflammatories that you should know about.
And if you still feel the need to use NSAIDs short term due to an injury, combining them with one of the natural inflammation cures below can help you to reduce the NSAID dosage you take, and reduce the toxic load on your body.

1) Fish Oil
In fact Omega 3 Fatty acids can be used in many ways to help with inflammation and hormonal imbalance

2) Turmeric
In fact Turmeric is one of many Ayruvedic herbs recommended for dealing with all kinds of issues, including PCOS and sugar cravings.

3) Proteolytic Enzymes
Systemic proteolytic enzymes, i.e. those that contain proteases, break down protein in the body. When taken fasted, it has been shown that these kinds of enzymes can help to reduce muscles soreness and inflammation in the body. They do this by breaking protein down into amino acids that help to fuel muscles and recovery, as well as treat inflammation.

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