Mood Lift Probiotic + Prebiotic

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Mood Lift Probiotic + Prebiotic 

Improve Gut Health and Boost Mood

  • Patented formula
  • Heat and stomach acid resistant
  • 100% GMO, vegan and gluten free

60 Vegan Capsules


What is a Mood Focused Probiotic?

Modern scientific research shows a 2-way communication between the brain and the gut.  This connection is known as the “gut-brain axis”. Certain probiotics, known as psychobiotics, have been shown to help with mood support. Supplementing your gut bacteria with these type of probiotics may help to boost your mood.

It often surprises people to know that 90% of serotonin (the brain chemical often associated with the feeling of “happiness”) is produced in the gut, and that gut health has a direct impact on mental issues such as depression, anxiety and lack of motivation.*

The strain of probiotic in this product, bacillus coagulans, has been clinically proven to support depressive disorder, and is classified as a mood based probiotic.

What Is a Prebiotic?

Prebiotics are a type of healthy fiber that act as food for Probiotics. Prebiotics are a food source for the good bacteria already in your gut. Adding Probiotics to your system brings in new bacteria, and adding Prebiotics nourishes what you already have in your gut (as well as any probiotics you add). It’s a win-win.

Why Supplement With a Prebiotic?

When you consume a prebiotic along with a powerful probiotic, you are causing existing bacteria in your gut to grow and thrive. Both prebiotics and probiotics support helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut – and they work best together. Prebiotics also help to support nutrient absorption in the body.

Why Nourish Labs Mood Lift Probiotic + Prebiotic? 

The prebiotic in this product is organic cranberry seed powder. Many other prebiotic fibers are either man-made or are not as well absorbed by the body, producing gas and discomfort. Plus the prebiotic and probiotic combination in this formula is patented, and designed to work together for maximum benefit.

Heat and Acid Resistant

Not only does Bacillus coagulans have multiple benefits, it is also spore based, which means that it naturally survives and thrives on its own*. Our product is naturally protected from heat and gastric acid, and reaches the gut with a guaranteed level of potency.

Does Not Contain: Dairy, eggs, shellfish, nuts, soy, dairy, wheat/gluten, GMO ingredients, any artificial colors or flavors. This product is independently 3rd party tested.

Suggested Use:
Take 2 capsules a day with or without food.

This product is room temperature stable and does not require refrigeration. Formulated to 3 Billion CFU at time of manufacture and guaranteed 2 Billion CFUs per serving prior to date of expiry on bottle.

Do not use if bottle seal is missing, torn, or damaged. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.

Certified Sources
Nourish Labs™ Mood Lift Prebiotic Probiotic is guaranteed to be pure, potent and fresh. All of our products are made with premium ingredients, and are produced to the highest standards in a cGMP facility. This product is blended, bottled, in-house tested and third party tested in the USA to ensure quality, safety, and reliability.

  • When should I take this your prebiotic/probiotic? Should I take it with with food? Can I take all the pills at once?
    The answer is that it really depends on your preference. We formulated this so that it is room temperature stable and you can take it on the go. The ideal time to take this is at the same time every day, so you don't forget. If that means putting it on your desk at work, having it with your coffee, or even keeping it your car, then that's what you should do! It's really about getting the daily dose in vs. making it perfect.

    Gut health is quite unique and what is going to work best for you will depend on your lifestyle.
  • What does CFU mean?
    CFU stands for colony forming unit. This is a rough indication of bacteria count. The 2B count on our prebiotic product means there are 2 Billion spores per serving, and with that amount, the claims on the bottle are legitimate. There is overage in every bottle, but that amount actually reaches your intestine and goes to work!
  • This product states it's a symbiotic. What does that mean?
    A symbiotic means two products working together. In essence, prebiotics are the "food" that good bacteria need to thrive. They are, officially, non-digestible carbohydrates found in fibrous foods. When prebiotics are added to certain probiotics, the two work together to increase beneficial bacteria. Our product is made with a patented combination - as these particular prebiotic has been shown to grow this particular strain of probiotic by 200%.*
  • What is a spore? What strain is your probiotic made of?
    The prebiotic in our dual action* prebiotic probiotic product Bacillus coagulans. This is a spore probiotic. which means it is a dormant life form and better survives salivary and gastric secretions. In English, this means the product is room temperature stable, resists damage by heat, and is more likely to reach your intestine alive to go to work.

    Spores have a natural ability to germinate (increase) in our gut . When you add in the fact that they are more likely to reach the intestine undamaged, it's more likely that the probiotic will increase beneficial bacteria and help to crowd out less idea bacteria.
  • What is your prebiotic made of? What does it do?
    Our prebiotic is made of organic cranberry seed powder. It's important to note that it is made out of the seed. Many cheaper cranberry products are made from the skins of cranberries. This is much a much cheaper product and not nearly as nutritious* as our product. The seed of cranberries is what contains amino acids and protein, as well fiber.

    Scientifically, for a fiber to qualify as a prebiotic fiber, it must be resistant to digestion in upper gastrointestinal tract and made available to the colonic bacteria as a substrate for the fermentation process - i.e it must help good bacteria to thrive. Studies have shown that cranberry power helps to grow this strain of probiotic faster than other types of prebiotics*.
  • Other companies have much higher bacteria counts and more variety strains. So aren't they better and more effective because they are "broad spectrum"?
    Unfortunately, this is where the probiotic industry has gone awry. The "more is better" thing. The way claims work is that you can make claims based on one amount of one strain, and then throw in a bunch more strains (that do nothing) to show you are "broad spectrum". Or you can elevate strain counts to up the label or try to up the competition.

    After 1-2Billion CFU a day, it has not been proven that there is any more benefit to taking MORE of one probiotic. The body just does not work that way. Additionally, it really is about ensuring that the probiotic actually survives transport and reaches the gut.

    Uneducated consumers think they are getting more for their money, but this is not the case. Quality over quantity is what counts with supplements.
  • Do your products have any GMO ingredients?
    No, our cranberry prebiotic fiber is organic, and all of our ingredients are non-GMO. This includes the magnesium stearate and any flow ingredients used in our products.
  • Are you products 3rd party tested?
    Yes, we use independent 3rd party testing for heavy metals and microbiology for all of our products. Integrity and trust are everything this to us.
  • Do I really need to take supplements? I eat a "healthy" diet and don't eat junk food.
    It would be great if we all ate perfectly all the time, and only needed whole foods for optimal health. But the reality is that this optimistic scenario is not always possible. Add to this the degradation of our soil, pesticides, over pasteurization, a focus on cheaper inflammatory food ingredients, and our poor animal feed quality, and the reality is that our food supply just is not what is used to be.

    And even if we are eating health food, we are just not getting the same level of nutrition we once were. Our lifestyles are more stressful, and our bodies view poor nutrition as a stress. We get sick more often, suffer from more allergies, and have more inflammatory related conditions, such as depression, PCOS, autoimmune conditions, in addition to more serious conditions.

    As humans, are bodies absorb less nutrients as we age, produce fewer enzymes, and are overall less efficient. Finally, some of us have conditions that limit our ability to absorb all the nutrients in food the conventional way.

    Herbs and supplement are not magic pills, but targeted quality regimes do go a long towards helping to balance out the body systems, often treating or preventing challenges before they start. The key is quality. Garbage in is garbage out. Cheaper, low quality supplements are full of filler and are made with ingredients that are not bioavailable (can't be absorbed). They are then are a waste of time and money, and uniformed people think supplements and probiotics don't work. You get what you pay for, in life and in health.

23 reviews for Mood Lift Probiotic + Prebiotic

  1. Ansley Fones


    Swell! It’s so great! I love it!

  2. Cocopuff

    Might be helping my hot flashes.

    Ok. Not exactly sure what I was to expect from this, but I decided to take it after having the flu and having to take 3 different antibiotics this past January/February. My gut has not been right. I had bouts of lose bowels for no reason. My diet hadn’t changed. After taking this for a week, that stopped. In fact, it made me more regular. I also have been having hot flashes that I just couldn’t get rid of. After a few weeks, they have stopped. Others have reported noticing a flatter stomach. I have not, but then again, I am way out of shape and need to get off the couch. I am on my second bottle. It’s worth the money and I will keep taking it. I will update my review after the school year starts and I go into the crazy schedule mode (I’m a teacher).

  3. Debra

    Worth it!

    My first thought was the product was pricey. However I have been paying for a prescription drug so I figured it was worth a shot. Fabulous is the only word I can use to describe the first couple of weeks that I was using the product. My bowels were on point. The past 2 days have been not so great but it could have been the food I consumed as well. So I will attempt to get my food game back on point and go from there. I would also like to commend the manufacturer for reaching out. They sent me additional information on their product and offered assistance using it if needed. I personally have never had a marketplace seller do this. Thanks a lot!

  4. Kish

    Easy to take! You don't have to swallow the pills whole.

    I am very happy with this product! The probiotic does not effect my digestive system negatively. And It’s easy to store since it does not require refrigeration.

    I have trouble swallowing pills , so I decided to open the pills up an mix the probiotic “dust” with a small amount of water and drink it right away. It was just easier for me. And it doesn’t taste bad at all!

    Overall, it’s really easy to incorporate the probiotic into my life.

  5. kadine n

    h 5.0 out of 5 stars! energy and gut has seen so much improvement.i won't stop taking it.Thank you verryyy much

    Omg this was what I needed thaannkkk you,I can see and feel the difference.i found this by accident about four months ago and it was the best decision,I had major gut issues.i think I might have had leaky gut.this product has improved my mood my gut and my energy level is on?.I was having issues for about a many medicines when I went to the doctor.didn’t improve my condition.but this right heeerrrree TRUUUUSTTTT mee.the best decision

  6. Customer

    Works great for me!

    I’ve only been taking this a few days in the morning and I’ve already noticed a major change in my digestive system. I suffer from constipation and IBS and since taking this I’ve gone to the restroom regularly again!! And without pain! I’m also less bloated 🙂 I haven’t had much luck with other probiotics but this stuff works. So far I’m very happy with this product and definitely recommend!

  7. Carson S.

    Feeling lighter and like I'm gleaning more energy and nutrition

    The product claims to not only help digestive issues but also improve mood and energy. I was skeptical however the day after I started taking the prescribed amount I felt a noticeable lift in my mood and energy. Feeling lighter and like I’m gleaning more energy and nutrition from all I eat. This product is a real find!

  8. Amazon Customer

    These Probiotics work for all genders!

    I bought these probiotics after a female friend recommended them. Hey guys, they work for us too. I’m so pleased with the results of the combination of the probiotics and the digestive enzymes that I’ll be purchasing them from now on. Thanks Nourish Labs.
    10 people found this helpful

  9. Kerry M.

    It works!

    Only have to take it in AM, not with every meal. No gas pains or other side effects.

  10. Kristina A.

    Two-in-One, No Refrigeration, Effective, and Easy to Swallow

    What I love most about this probiotic supplement is that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and it combines both probiotics and probiotics in just 2 pills a day. I also no longer take a cranberry pill for kidney health, so my morning routine is much easier. My anxious stomach feels less angry and I can already tell that my nerves are calmer and my focus is clearer. Plus, I am sleeping better at night – getting to sleep faster and sleeping more soundly through the night. And I appreciate the pills are gluten and dairy free and easy to swallow.

  11. Hugh

    Great if you have minor food sensitivities

    I’m not a woman but can say that this definitely has value for men, too. I do know that my gut is probably not in the best shape – what guy really can? So I have a lot of food sensitivities and definitely have noticed less signs. Hopefully that continues! I do love that it’s organic. I’ve worked in the food industry before so know how important that is. I also feel that I have a clearer mind but that could be a coincidence so will update later.

  12. Erin M.

    Pleased.. ordering again right now!!!

    I’ve never been on a probiotic before. My chiropractor suggested that I add one to my routine. So far, it’s been a few weeks and I’m pleased. I was just about to order my second month when I was reminded to leave review. So I’m on a review spree right now!!!

  13. Rachel G.

    Keeps my system feeling healthy!

    This is my first purchase of this product and so far I am very pleased. I love that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and is a simple easy way to get the probiotics and prebiotics that keep my system feeling healthy. Highly recommend!

  14. Customer

    I do find it helpful on a daily basis

    I do find it helpful on a daily basis with digestive and IBS issues. I also successfully finished a course of antibiotics while using this product and did not have a severe abdominal reaction.

  15. Customer

    Five Stars

    My digestive and intestinal problems are gone. No more cramping. I am going to continue using this product.

  16. Deanne

    It’s hard to find a Prebiotic/Probiotic in the same pill.

    Less bloating. I combine it one other probiotic during my Lyme med weeks.

  17. Lauren

    Simple and effective.

    This product is great in that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. (Ones I’ve taken in the past all had to be, which makes them difficult to travel with, etc.) I also love that this product is a prebiotic and probiotic, as this means I have one less pill to take. (Again, easier for travel, too.) I haven’t been taking it all that long but I noticed an immediate improvement in sleep, which is a great thing. The product came super quickly and was in good condition, as expected. Overall recommend!

  18. Ellen K.

    Easy to Take

    I really don’t have issues and I’m taking this product as a precaution. It doesn’t irritate me in any way, so I will continue to take it.

  19. The best I’ve felt in decades

    Signa H.

    These capsules have stabilized my digestion for the first time in decades. I can eat foods that I didn’t dare eat in small quantities now without digestive issues. This is my second order. I wanted to try them for a month to make sure they really helped. They absolutely help

  20. Chanin M.

    I'm really impressed with this product, I have more natural overall energy along with a slimmer waist

    A prebiotic probiotic that actually works! I am really impressed with this product. I really like that this probiotic doesnt need refrigeration & with only one capsule a day, it really works with my busy lifestyle.
    Like most women I have hormonal issues, feel stress, and seek that natural overall energy I feel I’m losing with age. I’m skeptical of most probiotics because Im unsure what percentage of probiotic actually survives by the time it reaches the gut. I know spores are better because they actually reach your gut and rid it of unwanted bacteria. Prebiotic probiotics use spores.
    I also like that this prebiotic probiotic was designed by a woman & nutritionist. Knowing a woman’s body & having better understanding of what it needs allows me to have much confidence…. & after almost a week of taking this prebiotic probiotic , I can say I’m extremely happy.
    I thank my 2 girlfriend’s for referring Dual Action Probiotic Prebiotic. I finally have my energy back, along with a slimmer waste, and know that overall I am doing good for my body. Thank you!

  21. Brielle K.

    Happy gut, Happy life

    I have been a health practitioner for 17 years and have tried NUMEROUS probiotics. This one has show surprisingly instant and noticeable results. Since taking Dual Action Probiotic+Prebiotic, I have been thrilled with the health of my bowel movements, their regularity, size, color and shape. Knowing what I know about the importance of gut health, I am confident this product is a systemic health care supplement that will benefit everything from my immune system to my nervous system. I would recommend it to all my patients!

  22. Jennifer S.

    I was looking for an alternative for when I don't always want to drink kombucha or run around to three different stores trying to find the kombucha I like. I looked into pill forms of pre/pro biotics

    I started out drinking kombucha for my probiotics. I noticed that my local stores have been running out of my usual kombucha. I was looking for an alternative for when I don’t always want to drink kombucha or run around to three different stores trying to find the kombucha I like. I looked into pill forms of pre/pro biotics. I was extremely pleased to find this one. It does not require refrigeration. It is vegan, dairy free and gluten free. I have been taking two pills a day for the last week and noticed a difference in my energy levels within the first 15 minutes I took two pills. It also helped with my mood and helped me focus on my daily tasks. I also experienced feeling regular and no gas. I just ordered a second bottle.

  23. Kay

    This is an amazing product

    This goes to work immediately. It rid me of some terrible chronic lower abdominal pain associated with gas bubbles from eating beans and broccoli. I have also noticed an improved focus with better clarity of thought and more energy through the day. This is just day 2 of taking this amazing probiotic/prebiotic. I was taking Align, and then switched to Dr Steven Gundry’s prebiothrive which tasted nasty and didn’t work. Both products were expensive….over $40 for a 30 day supply. Nourish Labs, I pray that you continue producing this awesome product at the current affordable price. If I could give 10 stars on this, I would. I recommend trying this product. You won’t regret it. So glad I found this, so sad I didn’t know of it before. It works, it really does!
    THis is my 3rd bottle I’ve purchased. Hubby is taking it too. Love how it helps with digestion. No weight loss associated to it, but it does keep the colon functional and clean. I have noted a loss of cravings for sugary things, so it’s probably working on the over abundance of yeast. Will keep purchasing.

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