How To Deal With Hormone Imbalances

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Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month?

You can help navigate hormone imbalances by using essential oils for stress reduction.

One essential oil that really helps with this is Clarity Sage. Don’t confuse this with regular Sage, which has it’s own great uses. But this one is a floral herb that balances both the nervous and the endocrine systems.

hormone imbalances

There are many benefits, but here are some key ones:
1) Helps you feel more calm during times of stress, and acts as both a subtle sedative and natural anti-depressant.

2) Balances estrogen levels in the body – so it’s great for PMS and menopause

3) Acts as both a uterine tonic and emmenagogue (stimulates blood flow) and can be used to help induce a delayed period/child birth and for pain caused by menstrual cramps or child birth.

4) Helps overall with hormone imbalances in the body 

 You can also put this stuff in a rollerball and rub it on on your wrists and forehead before bed and when sitting in traffic. It’s can make a huge difference in helping to make you to feel more balanced all month long.

Good essentials oils are pricey but try to use the best that your can – ones that you can ingest them, inhale and put on your skin. Like supplements – unless you invest in high quality stuff don’t even bother.

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