Leaky Gut 101: Part II

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In Part I of this series, I gave a quick overview of Leaky Gut, what it is, and why it is something to pay attention to. To recap, leaky gut is a “condition” caused when your intestinal lining has mini tears in it, causing food and bacteria to enter your bloodstream using the wrong “door”.

In a nutshell, it’s a barrier problem that causes a slew of health issues.

The interesting thing about all of these symptoms is that while leaky gut is the cause for stuff “escaping” your digestive system, it is not actually the cause for your symptoms. The actual cause for that is chronic inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation: One Culprit, Many Issues

When you think inflammation, you are probably picturing an injury or red, swollen bug bite. But that is acute inflammation, a condition caused by sickness or injury. It’s temporary, and it’s generally local to one area.

Chronic inflammation is a different ballgame. You won’t see it or feel it, but it’s  actually present throughout your body, wreaking havoc wherever it goes.

Immune Systems: Stop Being So Defensive

Chronic inflammation triggers your body’s defense system. It tells your body you are in trouble….all the time.

Areas such as your brain and gut swell up (in subtle ways you can’t see). When this happens, neurotransmitters and other chemicals can’t bind like they should. Your mood goes down, your digestive suffers, your hormones get out of whack.

In fairness to your body, it is doing its job. Your immune system is there to protect you against foreign invaders. But the problem is that when it is sensing attack, it’s also huts off all non-essential processes.

Your Body is Like a Cell Phone

When you are running low on cell phone battery, your priorities change. Watching a video on YouTube or checking Facebook goes out the window. It becomes about the basics – ensuring you have enough battery for urgent calls or directions to your destination.

Your body is no different. When it’s in defense mode, it shuts down anything non-essential. So in addition to  chronic inflammation causing issues such as acne, joint pain, bloating, and poor mood, it also causes your body to shut down, affecting processes such as sex drive, digestion, and metabolism (i.e. burning calories).

To add insult to injury, all of this wears your down and makes you age faster. Like any tool or electronic equipment, the more your run the processor, the less efficient it is, and the faster you wear it down.

cell phone

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