How To Deal With Hormone Imbalances

Did you know that April was National Stress Awareness Month?

I didn’t know such a thing existed, but given what an impact stress has on our health. I am excited to hear it.

One of my previous articles, key things we can do to for hormone imbalances, is a topic I am passionate about, and given all of your great feedback, it is clearly a topic close to you as well! If you missed it you can catch it here.

You can deal with hormone imbalances by using essential oils for stress reduction, something I have been doing more often lately.

A favorite essential oil of mine is Clarity Sage. Don’t confuse this with regular Sage, which has it’s own great uses. But this one is a floral herb that balances both the nervous and the endocrine systems.
hormone imbalances

Time to Get Clear and Centered: How to Deal with Hormone Imbalances 

Clarity Sage is very aptly named. There are many benefits, but here are some key ones:

1) Helps you feel more calm during times of stress, and acts as both a subtle sedative and natural anti-depressant.

2) Balances estrogen levels in the body – so it’s great for PMS and menopause

3) Acts as both a uterine tonic and emmenagogue (stimulates blood flow) and can be used to help induce a delayed period/child birth and for pain caused by menstrual cramps or child birth.

4) Helps overall with hormone imbalances in the body 

 I actually put this stuff in a rollerball and rub it on on my wrist and forehead before bed and when sitting in traffic. It’s made a huge difference in helping to make me feel more balanced all month long.

For my essential oils I use DoTerra oils. They are pricey but they are the best you can get and are certified theraputic grade – meaning you can ingest them, inhale them, and put them on your skin. Like supplements – unless you invest in high quality stuff don’t even bother.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of multi-tasking on our body, mind, and cookies. But this is multi-tasking in all the right ways!

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