Gut Health

NSAIDS, Leaky Gut, and Inflammation

Doctors often doctor recommended ibuprofen for simple pain. And this is not always ideal. . NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are not good for you to take long term. Some people know this. You may know this. But a lot of people don’t, or they don’t know why. There are...

Functional Foods

Omega-3s For Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance

Omega 3 fatty acids fight inflammation in the body. Inflammation is behind many of our “hormone” challenges – such as low moods, cramping, depression, and fatigue. Omega-3 fatty acids also promote healthy and flexible cell membranes, ensuring hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and prolactin to reach and attach to...

Functional Foods

Herbs and Other Tips to Lower Blood Sugar

Rich in phytochemicals, many herbs and spices serve as anti-inflammatory. Basil—Basil is commonly used as aromatherapy. Why? Basil has compounds in it that actually reduce stress in the body and normalizes levels of cortisol (your stress hormone). Your blood sugar spikes when you are under stress). Using basil is one of...