Drinking Water and Hormones

Does drinking 8 glasses of water a day seem like a lot? What if you are not thirsty? Does any of this have anything to do anything do with your health, or is it just an health tip with no real meaning?

It turns out that you need about an 1oz of water for every 2 lbs of body weight. So for the average adult, this is about 75oz of water a day, or about 7.5 glasses of water. You can adjust this to best suit your needs.

So why is this necessary?

Water is something your body uses to maintain homeostasis (which means maintaining balance). Since the majority of the body is comprised of water, and regulation of kidneys and major functions need water, your body is constantly monitoring the amount of water in the body. When your water levels dips lower than it would like, your body goes into stress response and its emits a stress hormone (such as cortisol).

This process leads to your body holding onto onto weight and you feeling tired. You will likely also have trouble sleeping (due to elevated cortisol).

In addition to keeping your body regulated and metabolism running optimally, drinking sufficient water helps to “flush” out toxins such as excess estrogen, medications, pesticides and other substances your body views as an invader.

So drink up for optimal mood and weight loss!


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