detoxing for pcos weight loss

pcos weight loss

We all want to be healthy and we are all busy.

A few weeks ago I had talked about cutting down on caffeine as a way to balance weight and hormones.  There is an easy way to do this and increase consumption of detoxifying herbs such as dandelion (multitasking!) through products such as DandyBlend.

Detoxing is a key part of PCOS and weight loss. I pretty much drink this stuff every day. It taste just like coffee  – and I add some almond milk and my choice of sweetener and its a great morning or nighttime non-caffeine treat. Plus it helps to detoxify at the same time! It’s made with barley but it’s gluten free.

If you want to go the full route – you can find fresh dandelion root at most health foods stores. Boil that on the stove in a pot of water and drink the tea!

Not just a weed

Did you know dandelion is a natural liver detoxifier? It cleans out our systems – promoting detoxification of the liver, skin, and digestive systems.

Our liver process all our junk. Just like the lint catcher in our dyer, the more often clean it out the more can help it do its jobs. The liver processes some sugars, as well as environmental toxins, hormones, and alcohol to name a few. So if it’s not operating efficiently – this can also show up as excess weight. One of the best ways to facilitate PCOS weight loss is to get rid all the extra hormones we tend to have. Detoxing our liver is a great way to do this. 

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