Crazy for Quinoa: Help PCOS And Belly Fat

pcos and belly fat

I didn’t want the week to pass without posting a quick something.

This month I am on a “detox” as an experiment. Nothing fancy…just no gluten, alcohol, dairy, or sugar.

I guess you could call it “Paleo” but I am more focused on the veggie and smoothies part and less the meat part. It is not that different from the way I usually eat except I have never tried going gluten free before.

As a woman with PCOS, I shouldn’t be eating gluten anyways. It’s an inflammatory and women with PCOS test higher in C-Reactive protein (an indication of inflammation in the body).

But I am active and I need my carbs! I also need good “substitutes” that are easy to carry around or I will turn to bread. (Note: Unless you are actually celiac most packaged gluten free stuff is much worse for your blood sugar than gluten!).

Us PCOS girls really need to work harder to avoid PCOS and belly fat.

Quinoa is by no means low carb, but it is gluten and grain free (for those who have digestive woes with grains). It also has a higher protein/carb ratio, making you feel more satiated and keeping blood sugar levels more stable. This helps with PCOS and belly fat.

If you are actually celiac you will need to look carefully at packages. Quinoa if often packaged on the same manufacturing line as gluten containing flour, so there is a difference between a “gluten free” label, and a “made with no gluten ingredients” label.

Here is my Quick and Easy Quinoa salad.

I think it’s perfect for this time of year as it’s getting cooler but is still feels warm out. You want something fresh and light but hearty and filling at the same time.

For 2 servings:
-1 cup cooked quinoa (any color or combo will do). You can cook in a rice cooker “set it and forget it”…or make it on the stovetop according to directions. Some folks would say use sprouted quinoa and soak it to make it healthier. Go for it if you have time..otherwise if you are eating quinoa that’s good enough for me.
-1 tablespoon olive oil
-Juice of 1 lime (great source of vitamin C)

-Handful chopped mint (great source of minerals like magnesium and calcium)

-Handful of fresh chopped parsley (amazing source of Vitamin C, K, and A)

-Handful fresh chopped cilantro (flushes heavy metals out of blood)

-Handful of grape or cherry tomatoes chopped in half

-1/4 – 1/2 chopped red onion to preference (reduces blood sugar)

-Pink salt (or regular if you prefer) and pepper to taste

Toss and eat. I trust that you will love it AND make it more than once. Notice how the “simple” things used to season the food are so great for your health. These are the little things we leave out when we don’t cook!:)

Tip: If are like me and make many servings at once, keep the onion separate. It will “pickle” in the lime juice and get pungent after a day or so.

The jury is still out – but I will say after a week of no gluten I feel amazing and am swimming in my clothes. Note: This could also be from the sudden lack of constant chocolate eating. Stay tuned … I see a lot more quinoa recipes in my (and your) future.

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