Vitamin D : A PCOS Natural Treatment

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Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin. It’s a hormone!

“D” is actually something we produce on our skin when we are exposed to the sun. It is classified as a vitamin – but that’s not really correct. In this way it is quite the unique hormone – as we need outside exposure to produce it. We know that Vitamin D is good for our health, and raw dairy products are often touted as good for our bones, but there is so much more to the story that that. 

Vitamin D is critical to so many areas of health, and the truth is most of us are deficient in it!

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Vitamin D affects everything from our weight to our mood to our sleep to our fertility. It is also a PCOS natural treatment. It also bolsters the immune system, helps prevent cancer, and regulates insulin levels to name a few.

There are many things to know about Vitamin D – but here are five:

1) The form of Vitamin D that is most active and useful is D3. Often fortified foods that tout “high in Vitamin D” contain D2 – which is not really utilized by the body. The body has a limited number of D receptors – so consuming too many fortified foods and nut milks with added D2 is not ideal. 

2) While you can’t derive all of the vitamin D you need solely from foods, here are some whole foods that do contain it: wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, cod liver oil, shiitake mushrooms, egg yolks. Eating these regularly can help fill in the gaps and help your body produce more Vitamin D when you are out in the sun. 

3) Spend more time outdoors without sunscreen—aim for modest exposure to sunlight. Of course, you want to be careful about burning if you are fair skinned, but in general, 20 minutes a day on your bare face, neck, arms, or legs should is important. You need even more time if you are older or have dark skin

4) Vitamin D deficiency often does not have real symptoms. It may show up as depression or fatigue. Ask your doctor to test your levels. You will want to specifically request a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25 OH vitamin D) test. 

5) There are Vitamin D receptors in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and testes that have a huge impact on our reproductive system. Supplementing or reversing low levels of Vitamin D can often help restore ovulation in PCOS, and help to mitigate or reverse endometriosis. This is why its is considered a natural PCOS treatment. 

The best way to achieve adequate Vitamin D levels is from whole foods such as fatty fish and eggs (along with the sun). Note: (Getting Vitamin D from dairy is only really ideal if the dairy is raw). The sun has gotten a bad wrap over the years – but in our fear of overexposure and our office based lives –  we are doing our bodies and metabolism more harm than good. Take some time this weekend to get outside and soak in the sun! 

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