Frequently Asked Questions

Products FAQ

  • When should I take this your prebiotic/probiotic? Should I take it with with food? Can I take all the pills at once?
    It really depends on your preference. We formulated this product to be easy. It is room temperature stable and you can take it on the go. The ideal time to take this is at the same time every day so you don't forget. If that means putting it on your desk at work, having it with your coffee, or even keeping it your car, then that's what you should do! You can take both at's really about getting the daily dose in vs. making it perfect.

    We designed this products to be effective but practical for real life. The key is consistency over being perfect.
  • What does CFU mean?
    CFU stands for colony forming unit. This is a rough indication of bacteria count. The 2B count on our prebiotic probiotic product means there are 2 Billion spores per serving. We put in a significant amount of overage in each bottle, but that amount actually reaches your intestine and goes to work!
  • This product states it's a symbiotic. What does that mean?
    A symbiotic means two products working together. In essence, prebiotics are the "food" that good bacteria need to thrive. They are, officially, non-digestible carbohydrates found in fibrous foods. When prebiotics are added to certain probiotics, the two work together to increase beneficial bacteria. Our product is made with a patented combination, meaning this particular prebiotic has been shown to grow this particular strain of probiotic by 200%.*
  • What is a spore? What strain is your probiotic made of?
    The prebiotic in our mood support prebiotic probiotic product is Bacillus coagulans. This is a spore probiotic, which means it is a dormant life form and better survives salivary and gastric secretions. Translated to English, this means the product is room temperature stable, resists damage by heat, and is more likely to reach your intestine alive to go to work.

    Spores have a natural ability to germinate (increase) in our gut. It is also more likely to reach the intestine undamaged.

    Other probiotics claim to have this, but they have an enteric coating, which adds to the cost of the product.
  • What is your prebiotic made of? What does it do?
    Our prebiotic is made of organic cranberry seed powder. And it's key that it is made out of the seed. Many cheaper cranberry products are made from the skins of cranberries, but it is the seed of cranberries that contains amino acids, protein and fiber.

    Scientifically, for a fiber to qualify as a prebiotic fiber, it must be resistant to digestion in upper gastrointestinal tract and made available to the colonic bacteria as a substrate for the fermentation process (basically must help good bacteria to thrive).

    Clinical studies have shown that cranberry power helps to grow this strain of probiotic faster than other types of prebiotics*.
  • Other companies have much higher bacteria counts and more variety strains. So aren't they better and more effective because they are "broad spectrum"?
    Unfortunately this is where the probiotic industry has gone awry. The "more is better" thing. The way claims work is that you can make claims based on one amount of one strain (with proven results), and then throw in a bunch more strains (that do nothing) to show you are "broad spectrum". Or you can elevate strain counts to up the label or try to up the competition.

    After 1-2Billion CFU a day it has not been proven there is any benefit to taking MORE of one probiotic for a "day-to-day" gut health (i.e not prescribed by a health care provider for a specific issue). Additionally the most important thing is about ensuring that the probiotic survives heat transport and digestive enzymes, so it actually reaches the gut.

    Uneducated consumers think they are getting more for their money, and this is not the case. Quality over quantity is what counts with supplements.

    Products with legitimate large amounts of of strains and bacteria counts that are actually effective are actually quite expensive, are designed for people with specific medical conditions and generally only available through health practitioners.
  • Do your products have any GMO ingredients?
    No, our cranberry prebiotic fiber is organic, and all of our ingredients are non-GMO. This includes the magnesium stearate and any flow ingredients used in our products.
  • Are you products 3rd party tested?
    Yes, we use independent 3rd party testing for heavy metals and microbiology for all of our products. Integrity and trust are everything to us.
  • Do I really need to take supplements? I eat a "healthy" diet and don't eat junk food.
    It would be great if we all ate perfectly all the time, and only needed whole foods for optimal health. But the reality is that this optimistic scenario is not always possible. Add to this the degradation of our soil, pesticides, over pasteurization, a focus on cheaper inflammatory food ingredients, our poor animal feed quality and the reality is that our food supply just is not what is used to be.

    And even if we are eating health food, we are just not getting the same level of nutrition we once were. Our lifestyles are more stressful, and our bodies view poor nutrition as a stress. We get sick more often, suffer from more allergies, and have more inflammatory related conditions , such as depression, PCOS, autoimmune conditions, in addition to more serious conditions.

    As humans, are bodies absorb less nutrients as we age, produce fewer enzymes, and are overall less efficient. Finally, some of us have conditions that limit our ability to absorb all the nutrients in food the conventional way.

    Herbs and supplement are not magic pills, but targeted quality regimes do go a long towards helping to balance out the body systems, often treating or preventing challenges before they start.

    The key is quality. Garbage in... garbage out. Cheaper, low quality supplements are full of filler and are made with ingredients that are not bioavailable (can't be absorbed). They are then are a waste of time and money, and uniformed people think supplements and probiotics don't work. You get what you pay for in life and in health.