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  • When should I take this digestive enzyme? Should I take it with with food? Can I take all the pills at once?
    It really depends on your preference and your goals. Proteolytic digestive enzymes, when taken with food, help to break down individual components so that your body can glean more nutrition and produce more energy. If your goal with taking our product is to reduce inflammation and scar tissue, we recommend taking the it fasted after a workout, as clinical studies have shown that it is when digestive enzymes are most effective in minimizing muscle soreness.

    Regardless of how you take the enzymes, with or without foot, you will get most benefit if you take them throughout the day, not all at once. The best bet is to try different dosages and timing to see what suits your body best.
  • What is Bromelin?
    Bromelin is a naturally occurring enzyme found in the stem of pineapples. Bromelin has been shown to aid with inflammation, as well as muscle soreness after exercise. Many people with sinus problems and allergies also find bromelin helpful, as it can aid in reduction of inflammation and swelling of nasal passages.

    Even though bromelin can be found in a natural source, it can be quite difficult to get a useful dosage of this extract, as it is not that prevalent pineapple flesh, only the stem.
  • This product states it has been clinically shown to alleviate DOMS. What does that mean?
    DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It's that uncomfortable pain and stiffness one can get if after working out.

    Unfortunately, DOMS is part of building muscle, because the muscle has to be strained to grow. One of the reasons for DOMS is that the muscle is not getting the fuel it needs to replenish and recover after exercise.

    Even if one is eating adequate protein, they may or may not be breaking down the protein in an effective manner, leading to soreness.

    DOMs can be frustrating, because it often means one is has to skip workouts for days, impeding longer term progress. Anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen are not good to take long term, and only mask pain and soreness. They do not prevent it, and working through masked pain can lead to more soreness and actual long term injury.
  • What is is this Digestive Enzyme blend composed of? What do each of the components do?
    Synzyme Actives(tm) is proprietary multi-enzyme system, comprised of 6 non-animal sourced enzymes. Amylase, protease and lipase are naturally occurring enzymes in the digestive system. They break down starch, proteins and fats to be better utilized by the body.

    Cellulase helps to break down cellulose, which is a naturally occurring structural fiber in the walls of plants. Unfortunately, humans can't digest cellulose naturally, and a high plant-based diet can cause bloating and gas. This complex provides a natural way to break down plant fibers, and helps to further release nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

    Lactase helps to break down the lactose in milk and other dairy products. Consuming dairy products when taking Synzyme Actives(tm) may help to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

    Finally, we have added Bromelin (another plant source enzyme) to make the anti-inflammatory properties of this blend even more powerful.
  • Do your products have any GMO ingredients?
    No, all of the enzymes in this blend, including bromelin, are non GMO. This includes the magnesium stearate and any flow ingredients used in our products.
  • Are you products 3rd party tested?
    Yes, we use independent 3rd party testing for heavy metals and microbiology for all of our products. Integrity and trust are everything to us.
  • Do I really need to take supplements? I eat a "healthy" diet and don't eat junk food.
    It would be great if we all ate perfectly all the time, and only needed whole foods for optimal health. But the reality is that this optimistic scenario is not always possible. Add to this the degradation of our soil, pesticides, over pasteurization, a focus on cheaper inflammatory food ingredients, and our poor animal feed quality, and the reality is that our food supply just is not what is used to be.

    And even if we are eating health food, we are just not getting the same level of nutrition we once were. Our lifestyles are more stressful, and our bodies view poor nutrition as a stress. We get sick more often, suffer from more allergies, and have more inflammatory related conditions, such as depression, PCOS, autoimmune conditions, in addition to more serious conditions.

    As humans, are bodies absorb less nutrients as we age, produce fewer enzymes, and are overall less efficient. Finally, some of us have conditions that limit our ability to absorb all the nutrients in food the conventional way.

    Herbs and supplement are not magic pills, but targeted quality regimes do go a long towards helping to balance out the body systems, often treating or preventing challenges before they start.

    The key is quality. Garbage in...garbage out. Cheaper, low quality supplements are full of fillers or made with ingredients that are not bioavailable (can't be absorbed). They are a waste of time and money, and uniformed people that think supplements don't work. You get what you pay for, in life and in health.