3 herbs for natural pcos treatment

I manage my pcos naturally, and help many clients do the the same. here are 3 must have indian ayruvedic herbs to add to any natural pcos treatment plan

The basis for PCOS (at a very simplified level) is that there is too much insulin in the body, and this causes excess testosterone levels in the ovaries. Causing all the issues that ensue.

Doctors may argue that not all PCOS patients are insulin resistant, or that there are multiple causes, but I have found that for 90% of people – even those who are thin – this is the main issue.

​Sometimes insulin resistance is caused by excess weight, sometimes it is caused by genetic factors, but the bottom line is that managing blood sugar is a key part of any natural PCOS treatment plan. 

Here are 3 herbs that I use as part of my natural PCOS treatment plan to help me manage my blood sugar naturally. Of course these are used in conjunction with a low carb lifestyle. I like using herbs and spices in cooking because they are beneficial to the body, and make you feel nourished in way that non-home cooked food just can’t.

These are safe and natural, and can be used by anyone – even if you are just trying to reduce belly fat. You don’t have to have PCOS to benefit from these herbs. 

1) Cinnamon: 

Cinnamon is an amazing aromatic spice that has been used for centuries in India to treat muscle spasms, digestive issues, and diabetes. Not only does it add amazing flavor and aroma to all foods but is also has been shown to reduce fasting blood sugar in insulin resistant individuals and Type II diabetics, as well as improve the ability of the body to absorb glucose in insulin resistant individuals.  You want to make sure you are using Ceylon cinnamon. Why? This is true cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is the most common form. But Cinnamon Verum (true or ceylon cinnamon) is the sweeter, and more beneficial of the 2 forms. It is also better for your liver over time.  Finding a good, organic (very important when it comes to herbs) is not that easy. I find that buying my herbs online in bulk saves me time and money.

Here is my favorite source.    naturalpcostreatmentcinnamon

2) Fenugreek: 

This is a spice you likely are not as familiar with. Fenugreek is commonly used in South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. It contains a hormone like compound known as diosgenin. Due to its hormonal properties, it’s often used to regulate menstrual cycles and increase libido. It helps increase breast milk and reduce inflammation. It’s an adaptogen – meaning it helps to balance the body and mind during “off times”. It’s been used for centuries to control blood sugar. Its has been shown to lower daily blood sugar levels, as well as A1C (the measure of sugar in blood over time). Fenugreek works by stimulating the insulin signaling pathway. In this way it helps to move glucose out of the blood and into cells – where it can be used. With herbals – if you are going to use the for medicine – getting a good potent source is essential. It has take me some trial and error to find the brands that work best.

here is the one I recommend most

Brands from the drug store, or even the India grocery store, are just not as pure or potent in my experience. 

3) Bay Leaf: 

Bay leaf is another Indian spice that is used for its aroma and flavor in cooking. But did you know that Basil is also great for reducing blood sugar? Individuals that took Bay Leaf supplements had bigger  drops in blood sugar levels over those who only took a placebo.


In addition to the many antioxidants in bay leaf, it contains bioactive compounds that improve insulin sensitivity (ability of the hormone insulin to move glucose out of the blood stream and into cells). You can find good quality organic bay leaves at Whole Foods or any quality grocery store for pretty cheap. 

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Put a Firecracker in Your Pants: Menopause Natural Treatment

Hi there! You are probably starting your Fourth of July long weekend right about now. So here’s a quick tip before you go and unplug for a little bit.  
If we were playing 4th of July Family Feud, what are 2 things that would show up pretty high on the “survey says” board? 

menopause natural treatment

Likely watermelon…and fireworks. Two things we will be getting a lot of over the next few days.

Watermelon is a great summer fruit for a variety of reasons. It’s sweet, hydrating, and full of lycopene, Vitamin C, flavonoids, and antioxidants. It’s synonymous with pool parties, BBQs, picnics and other summer fun. But did you know that watermelon might also spice up your love life and be a menopause natural treatment? 

menopause natural treatment

Watermelon contains high levels of the amino acid L-citrulline. Our bodies change L-citrulline into L-arginine (another amino acid), and then into nitric oxide. This relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow (much like that little blue pill….). 

In addition to the obvious, this also helps with immunity, boosts athletic performance, reduces muscle soreness and reduces blood pressure. And women lessen their production of nitric oxide after menopause. Watermelon actually works as a menopause natural treatment. (Not to mention drinking my hormone taming Berry Balancing Smoothie.)

Bonus Tip:

Most of this stuff is in the white rind. So when everyone else tosses their white and green pieces aside – you’ll be the smart one who grabs it up and throws it in the juicer! You’ll  get all the energy enhancing properties with no added sugar. 

Now go have a fun and restful Fourth of July weekend filled with fireworks of all kinds. 


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detoxing for pcos weight loss

pcos weight loss

We all want to be healthy and we are all busy.

A few weeks ago I had talked about cutting down on caffeine as a way to balance weight and hormones.  There is an easy way to do this and increase consumption of detoxifying herbs such as dandelion (multitasking!) through products such as DandyBlend.

Detoxing is a key part of PCOS and weight loss. I pretty much drink this stuff every day. It taste just like coffee  – and I add some almond milk and my choice of sweetener and its a great morning or nighttime non-caffeine treat. Plus it helps to detoxify at the same time! It’s made with barley but it’s gluten free.

If you want to go the full route – you can find fresh dandelion root at most health foods stores. Boil that on the stove in a pot of water and drink the tea!

Not just a weed

Did you know dandelion is a natural liver detoxifier? It cleans out our systems – promoting detoxification of the liver, skin, and digestive systems.

Our liver process all our junk. Just like the lint catcher in our dyer, the more often clean it out the more can help it do its jobs. The liver processes some sugars, as well as environmental toxins, hormones, and alcohol to name a few. So if it’s not operating efficiently – this can also show up as excess weight. One of the best ways to facilitate PCOS weight loss is to get rid all the extra hormones we tend to have. Detoxing our liver is a great way to do this. 

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Omega-3s For Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance

hormonal imbalanceOmega 3 fatty acids fight inflammation in the body. Inflammation is behind many of our “hormone” challenges – such as low moods, cramping, depression, and fatigue.

Omega-3 fatty acids also promote healthy and flexible cell membranes, ensuring hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and prolactin to reach and attach to the right places. This way it reduces the chances of hormonal imbalance. It also helps with issues such as PCOS and PMS.

Sources Of Omega-3 Fatty acids

Good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are eggs and fatty wild caught fish such as salmon and black cod. There are vegetarian sources as well such as walnuts, flax seeds, and hemp seeds.

I recommend animal sources of Omega-3 to my clients, because your body can get EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) directly. Vegetarian sources contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which your body has to convert into EPA. It’s less efficient. Also the rate of conversion goes down as you get older.

If you are vegetarian or can’t eat wild caught fish 2-3 times a week – try a fish oil supplement. Make sure you are reading labels. Many fish oils that are cheaper are lower in EPA (and contain higher amounts of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)). EPA is the stuff you care about- when it comes to balancing hormones and fighting inflammation.

Here is a fish oil I use and recommend. It is high quality and has a higher percentage of EPA’s compared to other similar priced fish oils.

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herbs and other tips to lower blood sugar

tips to lower blood sugar

Rich in phytochemicals, many herbs and spices serve as anti-inflammatory. They are my top tips to lower blood sugar in clients naturally.  Here are two of my favorites.

Basil—Basil is commonly used as aromatherapy. Why? Basil has compounds in it that actually reduce stress in the body and normalizes levels of cortisol (your stress hormone). Your blood sugar spikes when you are under stress).

Using basil is one of many tips to lower blood sugar . When you reduce blood sugar fluctuations, you reduce weight gain, sugar cravings, and energy dips. And, when you reduce the effects of stress on the body, you are better able to stave off those nasty winter colds. So before you battle those holidays crowds, eat some basil!

Basil also has potent anti-inflammatory activity when compared to aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Traditional basil contains a compound called eugenol, which eases muscle spasms. Basil can also help relieve gas and soothe a turbulent tummy.

This is one powerful holiday superfood.

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Use it to boost cold weather immunity, to tackle stressful family, shopping, or travel plans, or to soothe your head and aching muscles after a sledding mishap or new year’s eve party.

Ginger—Known most for its ability to help with nausea and motion sickness, ginger increases digestive fluids and absorbs and neutralizes toxins and stomach acid. In addition, ginger helps ease inflammation in the body, with positive effects on arthritis and migraines. It helps with asthmatic symptoms or with severe cough. If you have a stubborn cold you can’t shake – some hot water that has been brewed with ginger can help to get things moving.

Ginger is quite versatile – you can use it in almost everything.

If ginger is not a big part of your diet – start sprinkling a little fresh ginger into your salad or sauces. Ginger is not just for gingerbread!

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Why Crave Sugar? Green Juice To Get Your Fix

why crave sugar Who doesn’t love starting the day with a green juice? 

Whether you are looking to fit more veggies into your day or are trying to eat a cleaner for a bit a green juice can be the perfect compliment to a healthy diet.

For many of us the issue is time.

Even with fancy juicers and planned pre-chopping, some mornings are just too rushed. Frankly I find the process really tiresome after a while.

Here is my go to alternative. It provides loads of pure Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Fiber (missing in pure juices and needed to keep you feeling satiated – why crave sugar?), full spectrum Vitamin B, and anti-inflammatory hormone balancing goodness.

Plus the acidity from the lemon helps to break up the oxalic acid in the spinach, making the nutrients more bioavailable. The coconut water makes you feel refreshed, curbs sugar cravings (why crave sugar?) , helps you stay hydrated and provides a touch of natural sugar to give you energy for your day. It will wake you up (and relax you at the same time..weird), boost your immune system, and get your digestive system “moving” in a way that is more gentle than coffee. All you need is 2 minutes and a blender (A Vitamix is great but not necessary).

  • 1 lemon chopped into quarters (seeds removed). Dont forget the peel! It has loads of calcium, potassium, fiber and bio-flavanoids ( anti-oxidants) 
  • 1-1.5 cups spinach (I just throw in bagged organic spinach – what could be easier?)
  • A “hunk” of ginger (to desired spiciness)
  • 3/4-1 cup of coconut water (to desired consistency)
  • A few springs of fresh mint

That’s it! Throw in a the Vitamix and blend till smooth. Ginger is such an amazing spice and can be used in so many ways. Here is some more info on the benefits of ginger.

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